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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Road Race and Crash

Today I had the road race. Things started good, I was really well organized with support and nutrition. I had a good position at the start of lap 1 but things got ugly as we approached the main hill, Lots of guys were bumping and I had a couple of close calls. Everyone wanted to be at the front me included. Then the worst possible thing happened I crashed after another rider cut in front of me. I had pretty average positioning about half way in the bunch. So I went down hard on my right knee and also banged right up my hip flexor quite bad. I have some cuts and swelling on the knee but structurally it is okay so things are all go for the track. The physio duo of Jess and Jane will be working with doc Steve from Green Island as I recover from this with some physio and exercises tomorrow. Also I broke the derailleur hanger on my bike which is why I couldn't continue after the crash, believe me I would have if It wasn't broken. Had a good walk on it to the dining hall tonight so things are looking okay it could be worse. Thanks for reading, Brad

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