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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Benchamrk Homes Series Round 1

What a start to the series. I managed to take the win in a sprint finish after 159km of racing. I was unsure of the form after taking a break after track natonals and O-week at university. Even during the race a didn't feel that flash but I came right in the finale.

Big thanks to the whole team for working for me during the race, and especially Andrew from Fitlab for organising the team and also personally doing 50km on the front to chase the break!

The race started fast with plenty of attacks but settled down after a break of 4 got away. Andrew and Brodie then set about keeping it in check until the other teams started to chase hard. I went with a few attacks after the break was caught. The slog up Germain Rd had the pressure on and most guys were in the red. Jacob, Grayson and I worked hard here to keep it together. Which it did, setting it up nicely for a sprint finish. My speedo wasnt working the whole race so i was unsure of how far to go but I got a strong sense we were close as everyone was twitchy and the pace high. With a km to go I put the gas on coming up the right side of bunch to move from 20th to 5th at the last courner. A couple of guys went and Cam Karwowski them opening up the sprint early. Brad Tuhi was on his wheel and I his as I started my sprint. I went through a gap in the middle of them to power to the finish first.
I also get the bonus of leading the series now.

The next round is in Nelson 7th of April. Before that I have the Tour de Lakes in Queenstown.
All heading towards club road nationals on 18th-21st of April.

Copyright and Thanks to Bruce Wilson Photography for the photos.

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