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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tour Round up

During the tour I raced 871km of racing and 950km with warm-ups. The hardest day from my training stress score was day 1 in the breakaway with 370TSS. That day I had a good day winning sprints and also a bad day.

My nutrition was poor with my muesli sticking in my stomach causing pain so I didn't eat for 60km and then promptly cramped with 40km to go. looking back now I can see why I was on my knees that day. after burning 4500Kj. Fueling the body was a major task in itself and I ate much more than I would for a one day race because you are also eating for the next day.

Overall I surprised myself with how I recovered this really bodes well for the future.

What Next:
I have an exam on Tuesday and then I am finished University for the year.
Next year I am most likely going to study via correspondence with Massey University. This is to allow greater flexibility with travel so I can race any time anywhere and continue studying.

My next big event is the Oceania Championships 21st-24th with my events the Scratch Race and Omnium.
Then I have an Aussie trip coming up to ride a few track races over there.

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